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We are highly specialized organisation focused on implementing new as well as improving existing solutions for make to measure furniture manufacturing trade. We cover all stages of furniture components and bulk materials supply chain from research through design, tests, manufacturing, delivery and technical support. Smooth product delivery and fluent response to our business partners needs is the only way of taking responsibility for the trust given.

Over the years we have expanded in three main areas:


Our mission

Perspicacity of maker creates satisfied users
Our mission is to let specialists focus on what they do best. Leave your spirit free of worries. Foundation in material should not be a concern any more. Simply base your furniture work on the best of available components. Focus on the job. Make your best out of it. Effect will make the final user being back for more…

How do we work


Market research

Analysis of existing state of the art within targeted subject. Consultancy with local markets furniture manufacturers to define the needs of improvement. Interior design trends overview. Interviewing representative group of final product users.


Preparing the drafts of invention is where the inventiveness is spirit and creativity. Rest is hard work, being precise and understanding the rules of making things right. Patience and being focused on every detail makes this chapter of development arduous.


Complex testing

Experience can become an impostor if you fully relay on the instinct. This is why it is so important to test how the idea materialize inself. Prototypes, various versions as well as the final product has to pass multilevel tests. Tests results are not only to choose best possible solutions. They condition the guarantees for the items life time extent.



The process makes things happening industrial scale. Seems to be easy once set, however multiplication of the factors and conditions has to be kept identical and stable while running the production lines. Every item to item comparison has to confirm product repeatability within all batches of product. Safety and aesthetic packaging is a final touch.


Quality control

Without executing bulk material control, item by item control, random pick of packaged product control we would not have confidence to the dispatched goods. Delivered components to be spiced with our pride needs to be fully reliable. To achieve so proper and detailed quality control is a must.

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Focus on fluent service continuity reveals itself in multiply ways:

Efficient and accurate front desk response

Rapid technical advice when needed

Stock control assuring all items uninterrupted availability

Best manners & punctual deliveries

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